The key to spreading the foundational & transformational power to read? Irresistible books. Storyshares offers books for readers at all levels, but with themes and characters that resonate with a wide variety of students. Through writing contests, we engage a global and diverse community of writers to dream up new libraries filled with high-low and decodable books that engage and support the millions of teens and adults still learning to read.

  • Diverse Characters

    Explore a new bookshelf filled with stories that connect with readers of all backgrounds.

  • Relevant Topics for Older Students

    Discover quick reads to engage pre-teens through adults with current and relatable themes.

  • For Any & Every Level

    Select books by reading level, with more challenging choices for students as their skills improve.

A library of choices that students can & want to read. Because reading is key.

We understand what it's like to work with students who are struggling in school because of their lower literacy skills, and who don't want to practice with books written for much younger kids. And we know that they need to read to improve. That's why we created new choices that will connect with your students at any level -- and keep them reading.